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Global Efficiency Management, Strategic and Tactical Assessment, and Resourcing ("GEMSTAR USA") provides targeted solutions dedicated to maximize client value through the efficient utilization of our global knowledge base. GEMSTAR USA takes pride in providing solutions by using our analytical and technical tools on a global platform with a regional perspective. 

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"Very impressive. Aside from being some of the most welcoming people I've ever dealt with, their team walked me through the entire deal from start to finish. I didn't feel like a client...I felt like a team member. Highly recommended."

Michael Morris

Government Contracts

National Security

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Risk Management
Government Contracts
Project Management
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We advise  business entities and national agencies on the most efficient use of their resources to combat the prevailing threats of the 21st Century. While GEMSTAR USA views defense as a responsive  tool to combat already-engaged threats, we excel at implementing dynamic security strategies which  proactively identify and neutralize threats before they materialize.

Special Projects

We assist our clients in delivering confidential, customized projects spanning from IT, national sports federations, to energy management- to name a few- with a clear aim of delivering superior value within schedule, within budget, and in excess of quality expectations. 

Our risk experts provide both qualitative and quantitative risk solutions to assist our clients in effectively identifying and managing their most pressing financial, operational, and general business risks with the aim of maximizing value creation. We regularly receive positive feedback on our ability to enable our clients to learn to embrace risk rather than fear it.

We adhere to globally-recognized standards to deliver some of the most challenging and multi-faceted projects. At GEMSTAR USA we believe in the use of standardized and proven methodologies that guarantee results- time, quality, and budget- to deliver client value. Regardless of cultural nuances- organizational and regional- we believe in effective delivery through disciplined flexible execution.   

Public sector procurement in the United States and other governments is facilitated by transparent public tender processes. GEMSTAR USA has a strong track-record of effectively navigating the legal and statutory, accounting, and bureaucratic challenges required of producers and service providers- large and small- to enable our clients to deliver value to a nation's largest customer.   

Workforce and human capital engagement and optimization are often considered to be the most challenging issues facing modern institutions and national governments alike. GEMSTAR USA assist our clients in devising holistic strategies designed to develop collaborative, competitive, and valuable workers that establish the requisite foundation of a successful enterprise. 


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